laser acne treatment

Laser Acne Treatments

We are pleased to offer a revolutionary new approach for adults and teen acne suffers. New research has shown our laser is a safe and effective treatment for acne on the face, chest, or back.


What are the benefits?

Laser acne treatments offer a no down-time approach to help clear acne lesions and help reduce the severity of future break-outs. You can return to work or school immediately after treatment with the only side effect being slight facial redness. Laser treatments do not have the side effects seen with oral and topical treatments. Laser treatments do not induce prolonged dryness, severe redness, or mental depression commonly seen with Retin-A or Accutane products.


How does it work?

Your medical professional will analyze your skin condition and help you select the most effective treatment for you.


When will you see results?

After the first treatment, you may see only mild improvements, but the effects are accumulative. The number of lesions and severity of breakouts should reduce over the course of treatment and beyond. Some patients continue to improve two months after their last treatment.


How often can you have it done?

The typical course of treatments is four weeks, two treatments per week. However, your doctor might recommend a different treatment schedule.


What can you expect immediately after treatment?

Immediately following the procedure you may experience some redness and slight swelling. The redness and swelling usually dissipates within one to three days. If necessary, makeup can be applied to the treated area immediately. It is extremely important to apply a moisturizer and SPF45 sun block and avoid sun exposure on a daily basis to prevent sun damage.


How long does it take?

This treatment takes approximately 30-60 minutes.

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