Massage Therapy


This classic Swedish massage makes you feel great. This massage uses long strokes to promote relaxation, alleviating stress and to ease general aches and pains.



Certified Grade Essential Oils used to help improve your mood, reduce stress and decrease inflammation. While also helping to enhance your immunity, a nice relaxing massage will help to make your troubles fade away.


Back and Neck

Need a quick getaway, whether it is to relax, reduce pain or just come in and enjoy a break this is your massage that will focus on your back and neck.


Deep Tissue

This massage uses long strokes at a heavier pressure to help with any soreness you might feel. This massage reaches deep layers of the tissue that a regular Swedish massage would not alleviate.



Our goal during this massage is to put you through a relaxing state of mind, increase circulation and release aches and pains.


Sports Therapy

This massage can be done prior to or after any intense physical activity. Before a workout, get a fast invigorating massage which will ease any pain and put you in a state of relaxation.

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Massage Additions


Baguanfa Rubber Cup

This therapy has been practiced for centuries; it is a great way to help stretch your muscles and connective tissues. Also will help reduce inflammation and drain fluids. This is an amazing addition to any deep tissue or sports massage.

Essential Oils


Deep Blue

This is soothing oil to any ongoing pain you are having in your muscle and joints, will help to decrease your pain and inflammation.



This essential oil is great to help ease your mind and put you in a deeper relaxation stage. Also, with only a few drops this will benefit in many other ways.



With only a few drops this essential oil is great to help with any type of inflammation, it will help energize you and relieve mental fatigue, increases joy, and will help with any headache.


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